We work with small to medium sized businesses and start ups, helping with their software development and team building. We're comfortable taking on legacy systems for maintenance and building new features and products.

Why Open Sussex? We're advocated of Free Software and Open Source Software. From the Operating Systems we use, to the development languages - we always opt for Free and Open Source Software.

Recent Posts

UK Walks - using Ordnance Survey Open Spaces Maps

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We recently decided to re do an old site we created called UK Walks. This site is a very simple walk planning app. The objective of the app was to enable people to create routes using Ordanance Survey Maps. What we wanted to do was build a single page app that stores the routes locally to the browser, so that it became a very private, personal resource. So we decided to give this a go using TypeScript and Indexeddb. Read More...


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We’re always interested in processes that can aid in product development. Over the years we’ve used different techniques to engage teams and help with communications with regards to understanding requirements for product development. One of the techniques is planning poker. Planning poker enables a team to quickly get consensus on the relative size of an item of work. It also enables the team focus on a work item, and a good starting point for exploring the requirements and details of that work item. Read More...

Free Beer

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We love Beer! There we’ve said it. But what we also love is the brewing of beer. So, we decided to embark on a little experiment. We’re not doing anything new. In fact it was one of those ideas that you realise other people have had before you. As we’re keen FLOSS (Free Libre Open Source Software) people, we thought it would be good to extend our love of Free Software to Beer and start to create a series of recipes that are Free as in free speech (not as in free beer - although now they are! Read More...