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UK Walks - using Ordnance Survey Open Spaces Maps

We recently decided to re do an old site we created called UK Walks.

This site is a very simple walk planning app. The objective of the app was to enable people to create routes using Ordanance Survey Maps.

What we wanted to do was build a single page app that stores the routes locally to the browser, so that it became a very private, personal resource. So we decided to give this a go using TypeScript and Indexeddb.

The reason we opted fot TypeScript was that we wanted to use a “modern” language that was type safe. Also it gave us an excuse to try something new.

We also wanted to adapt the project to keep it lean and simple, so that’s why we decided to move it to use the browser local storage to store the route details. It also means we can create an app that has privacy at it’s heart.

We do plan on expand this app, and offering the ability for people to share their routes, save all their routes, an offline mode(so capture the routes tile set so it can be used offline)

Head over to our site UK Walks and have a play.