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Gubbish - Temporary Storage web service for data sharing or testing

We are currently building a single page app to allow people to plot walks UK Walks and we wanted to create the feature to allow people to share their walks with each other.

The decision was made to create a very small web service in golang to allow for temporary storage and retrieval of data. Gubbish is the solution.

This is a simple web service that allows some data to be stored, and then retrieved. It can be used for anything that a temporary storage of data might be useful for. This could be for testing purposes, for sharing purposes or just to play around.

We decided to host it on digitalocean - it’s an relatively painless approach to getting a go application up on there. The general steps where, compile to the architecture of the droplet, do some port forwarding so we’re on port 80 and then get the domain pointing to the droplet.